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You take a photo, we make it a way to do good.

For every photo you share through Donate a Photo, Johnson & Johnson gives $1 to a cause you want to help.

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Causes you can help

FHI 360 2

One photo helped start a student's healthcare career

with FHI 360 and Bridge to Employment

1 healthcare scholarship for students
Goal: 20

91 photos

United Way

One photo helps a student succeed in school

with United Way

9 students being mentored
Goal: 100

4214 photos

The Trevor Project

One photo helps save a youth in crisis

with The Trevor Project

114 youths helped
Goal: 1066

1701 photos


One photo gives a homeless child a happier birthday

with DoSomething.org

7125 children helped
Goal: 50000

7125 photos


One photo helps protect a child from bullying

with PFLAG

5761 children helped
Goal: 25000

5761 photos

Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

One photo helps give a baby in the NICU a blanket

with Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

2265 blankets for babies
Goal: 12500

9060 photos

Save the Children

One photo helps a newborn breathe

with Save the Children

5405 newborns helped
Goal: 6666

32425 photos

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