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For every photo you donate, Johnson & Johnson gives $1 US to the American Academy of Pediatrics. That $1 US helps hold workshops about communicable diseases, vaccinations, state of emergency management, and psychiatric support for refugee children. It takes 114 photos to send a doctor, nurse, or childcare practitioner to a workshop.


More than one million child refugees from Syria are living in camps bordering the country—that's more than the combined under-18 populations of Los Angeles and Boston. The escalating violence in Syria is forcing these children, and their families, to live in crowded conditions with nowhere to go. Overcrowded refugee camps get chaotic, diseases spread easily, and people are traumatized and need psychiatric help.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Friends of Children Fund (FCF) provide grants to hold workshops to help train doctors, nurses, and childcare practitioners on state of emergency healthcare. Since 1930, the AAP has made it their mission to support the health of all infants, children, adolescents, and young adults. The FCF was founded so that the AAP could immediately respond to emerging child health issues. So far, the FCF has provided more than $8 million in grants so the AAP can increase access to children's health services, educate families and pediatricians about issues affecting children, provide research grants, and support the advancement of pediatrics.

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You can donate a photo to one cause, once a day. For every photo donated on behalf of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc. has donated $1 to that cause. Photo donations on behalf of the American Academy of Pediatrics ended January 31, 2014. The American Academy of Pediatrics will receive a minimum of $30,000.