How it works

For every photo you donate, Johnson & Johnson gives $1 US to That $1 US helps cover the cost of holding a Give a Spit About Cancer! bone marrow registration drive and adding new people to the registry. It takes 100 photos to fund a bone marrow registration drive.

View is the largest tech company exclusively for young people and social change. We’re activating 5.5 million young people across the US, and 131 other countries, to make positive change both online and off. Through Give A Spit About Cancer! we're getting as many young people as possible to join the bone marrow registry. By hosting registration drives on college campuses across the country and simplifying the registering process online, we’re helping find potential donors.


Visit the Give a Spit About Cancer! Campaign


You can donate a photo to one cause, once a day.* For every photo donated to, Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc. has donated $1 to that cause. Photo donations to ended June 14, 2017. will receive a minimum donation of $30,000.

*unless otherwise specified