How it works

For every photo you donate, Johnson & Johnson gives $1 US to Girl Up. That $1 US helps one out-of-school girl in Liberia participate in catch-up classes so she can re-enroll in school.


Girl Up is a global moement of empowered young women leaders who defend gender equality and equal rights for every girl. Through leadership development training, Girl Up gives girls the resources and platform to start a movement for social change where they are. And for those that stand with us, there is no rest or compromise. Because when girls rise, we all rise. Girl Up is hosted at the United Nations Foundation, working within a larger community that supports our efforts for gender equality worldwide.

In Liberia, Girl Up is working with the United Nations to reach the most at-risk girls, ensuring that they can earn an income, stay healthy, and avoid harmful traditional practices and violence. To date, 800 girls in Liberia have received life skills training, sexual and reproductive health education and services, and access to safe spaces.

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You can donate a photo to one cause, once a day. For every photo donated to Girl Up Liberia, Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc. has donated $1 to that cause. Photo donations to Girl Up Liberia ended December 31, 2018. Girl Up Liberia will receive a minimum donation of $40,000.

*unless otherwise specified