Goal met

For every photo you donate, Johnson & Johnson gives $1 to ICEC. That $1 helps ICEC provide spcial needs programs to childen to help them meet their developmental milestones.


Since 1983 ICEC has provided comprehensive Early Intervention services to children with known or suspected developmental delays. This is accomplished through parent participation early intervention programs which focus on the entire family supporting each child. ICEC’s programs are provided to 1,000 children from birth to 5 years old.

Our mission is to assist each developmentally delayed child in achieving optimum developmental potential.  This is accomplished by providing therapy and intervention designed for each child's abilities, while offering emotional support and training to the total family.

Every photo helps babies with disabilities learn to smile, eat, walk, talk and help meet their developmental milestones. Your support today will help shape their lives.



You can donate a photo to one cause, once a day.* For every photo donated to ICEC, Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc. has donated $1 to that cause. Photo donations to ICEC ended when it reached its goal of $15,000.

*unless otherwise specified