How it works

For every photo donated, Johnson & Johnson will give $1 US to Rutgers. That $1 US helps support need-based scholarships for students in health care-related fields at Rutgers University. With that support, these promising students will be given the lift they need to achieve their dreams and provide better health care both locally and globally. For every 1,000 photos donated, a Rutgers student in a health care field will be awarded a $1 US,000 scholarship.


Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, prides itself on being one of only nine colleges established prior to the American Revolution. In its many years as a public educational institution, it has stayed true to its core values of teaching, research, and service. That's why, to celebrate its 250th anniversary, Rutgers has initiated a yearlong commemoration—part of which seeks to support students in health care-related fields. The aim is to ensure that the university's top health care students aren't prevented from completing their education due to economic disadvantage. Your support helps these driven and deserving young minds create a better future for themselves and the community as a whole.

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You can donate a photo to one cause, once a day. For every photo donated to Rutgers 250, Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc. gave $1 to that cause. Photos donated to Rutgers 250 ended December 31, 2016 Rutgers 250 will receive $30,000.