How it works

For every photo you donate, Johnson & Johnson gives $1 US to Text4baby. That $1 US helps pregnant women and new moms receive critical health and safety information to help them have healthier babies. For every 15 photos donated, 1 new mom will receive messages directly to her cell phone about baby’s development, nutrition, safe sleep, and appointment and immunization reminders throughout her pregnancy and her baby’s first year.


Text4baby is the nation’s largest, and only, free mobile health service, sending three free text messages a week to pregnant women and new moms about nutrition, their baby’s development, car seat safety, safe sleep and more. The messages are customized to each mother’s due date or baby’s birth date. Text4baby also helps connect women to low cost or free health care, and sends appointment and immunization reminders.

The United States has one of the highest rates of infant mortality among developed nations. Through Text4baby founding sponsor Johnson & Johnson, along with many other national and local partners, addresses two of the main causes: lack of health information and lack of access to care. Text4baby has helped over 675,000 moms nationwide since its creation four years ago.

Your donation supports Text4baby’s mission to provide critical health information to women when they need it most. Text4baby helps moms feel more confident, and more prepared for motherhood because they have the knowledge that leads to better health for them and their babies.

This partnership with Text4baby is part of Johnson & Johnson’s commitment to improving the health and wellness of children around the world.

The Global Moms Relay is an opportunity to share stories of motherhood that inspire action to help improve the lives of mothers and children everywhere.

The Global Moms Relay will go around the world from the day before International Women’s Day until the week prior to Mothers’ Day—March 7 to May 11. Every time you share a Global Moms Relay post with a friend or through your social networks, Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 to one of three global initiatives: the Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action (MAMA), Shot@Life, and Girl Up.

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You can donate a photo to one cause, once a day. For every photo donated to Text4baby, Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc. has donated $1 to that cause. Photo donations to Text4baby ended May 31, 2014. Text4baby will receive a minimum of $10,000.