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Johnson & Johnson and St. Luke’s CARES are working together to support disadvantaged young people through education and mentoring programmes.

St Luke's CARES works in South Leeds, supporting vulnerable young people living in some of the most deprived parts of the city. In response to young people experiencing domestic violence, substance misuse, poverty, exploitation and struggling mainstream education, CARES offers a range of education and mentoring programmes to support these young people, including The Shine Project.

The Shine Project

The Shine Project supports girls who are vulnerable or at risk and empowers these girls to flourish and achieve their goals. Focused on girls who have experienced or are at risk of child sexual exploitation (CSE), The Shine Project raises awareness in South Leeds about CSE and healthy relationships, providing a range of services to support girls, keep them safe and ultimately let them know that they are valuable. The project gives girls opportunities to have experiences and develop skills, all with the aim of raising aspirations and building self-esteem.

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