Education and Equality


Why It’s Important

Whether it’s academics like math and science or social issues like diversity and equal rights, there’s no more effective tool for progress than a well-rounded education. With schooling, more people become empowered to contribute to their communities, stay out of poverty, and rise above prejudice and bias. Each photo you share helps bring valuable lessons, programs, and supplies to areas that need them most.

how you can help

Here are the active causes we’ve partnered with, to make a difference in education and equality:


One photo helps save LGBTQ lives

33184 out of 80000 lifesaving publications provided so far


One photo helps fund special needs programs

28 out of 120 special needs program funded so far


One photo helps support LGBTQ youth and Spirit Day

0 out of 46 Spirit Day resource created so far

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

One photo helps fund 5 minutes of cancer research

11495 out of 100000 blood cancer researched so far

Girl Up Liberia

One photo helps support education for girls in Liberia

163 out of 600 out-of-school girls helped so far

Family Equality Council

One photo helps support LGBTQ families

1310 out of 1500 LGBTQ families supported so far

How Donate a photo has helped

A quick look at the good our community has done.

Recent impact

Every time you donate a photo to one of these causes, you help promote education and awareness.

Thanks to our community, here’s what’s been accomplished so far:

Other completed causes

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