Healthy Families

Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation

Why It’s Important

For over a century, Johnson & Johnson has worked to bring healthy living to families everywhere. Donate a Photo supports causes dedicated to healthy families and healthy lifestyles, and to finding new ways to make communities as healthy as they can be. Each photo you share helps families around the world get medical attention and care they need.

how you can help

Here are the active causes we’ve partnered with, to make a difference in family health:

Girl Up India

One photo helps lift a girl in India out of poverty

2936 out of 4166 girls helped so far

One photo helps find potential bone marrow donors

139 out of 500 bone marrow registration drives funded so far


One photo helps a deployed service member connect home.

10129 out of 50000 connections for deployed service members so far

How Donate a photo has helped

A quick look at the good our community has done.

Recent impact

Every time you donate a photo to one of these causes, families get the health resources and support they need.

Thanks to our community, here’s what’s been accomplished so far:

Other completed causes

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